opening up my Wr450

I purchased a 06' WR450F and was wondering if anyone had any info on unplugging my bike. (Air filter box, gray wire, throttle stop, baffle, etc.) I was also wondering if you needed to rejet after making these mods?

just go buy the ais removal kit from yamaha. Best 40 dollars you can spend . It will tell you what you need to know. After that if you have more questions use the search feature for endless supply of info

Thanks, I appreciate the info.

Suggest you read the sticky's (especially the performance index) - they're cash $$ with loads of info. You'll get a feel for the different directions you can go with your '06 and which is best for you. Good luck

I am new to this. What is sticky's and where do I find it?

I am new to this. What is sticky's and where do I find it?

They are the beginning threads in this forum

Thanks again for the help!

They are on backorder indeffinately!!! I am dealer so this is the facts...waiting on one for my own 06!

One last question. I'm riding this weekend and there is someone I have to beat. The local shop had to order a throttle stop and I won't get it until next week. Does anyone know the amount to shave off the throttle stop to make it a YZ stop? I read it somewhere awhile back, but can,t remember.

18.3mm from base of bolt head to the end i believe is the measurement of the throttle stop

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