Wr on the road..

I wonder about getting a wr450 SM to use for road driving..

But I wonder how is theese bikes..

I have heared that the wr`s need less service then an exc for example.

Is this thrue..?

How is the services??

Are they good wheelie machines:ride: ??

What is the difference between yzf and wr motor and gearbox?

Is wr gearbox made for road use..

Mine is no longer a wheelie machine with street gearing. 15/42 allows it to cruise down the highway at 60 to 70 without the scream. I really like mine as a dual sport and recently put a video of it with the street tires running the desert. It did alot better then I thought with the 17 inch tires. Mine has not needed a valve to be adjusted in 18 months of infrequent hard riding. Once I Jetted it and did all the free mods it rips. Look in the garage and


I will have a wheelie machine:ride: :-)

I will have a wheelie machine:ride: :-)

When I use to use it for woods I had a 13/51 ratio and yes it would wheelie

without protest. Just do not plan to do much high speed cruising. If you throw a tire to give max grip on pavement, you will probably end up bending spokes.

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