Hot Cams Stage 1 in XR600?

I'm considering a Hot Cams Stage 1 for my 98' XR6 but I'm told it will work with the manual decomp system but not the auto decomp system, I don't really understand this as my XR has the decomp lever, I thought this is the manual system but I want to be sure before I buy the cam, can someone please clarify? thanks

You will have to use the cable (manual) decompressor with the Hot Cam as there is NO PROVISION for the auto-decompressor. All this means is that you will need to watch for kick-back on starting. With the auto-decompressor out of the equation, if the bike kicks back on starting, your shin will pay the price. Don't worry about this issue as everything else that you get with the installation of the cam far outweighs this little issue.

I'm glad I have no more auto-decomp. Starts better . Only time it kicks back is from my own stupidity.(Giving throttle when kicking.) Other than that, you'll be glad you did!

So just for my own lack of knowledge, how do you remove the auto decomp or is it all part of the stock cam set up?

The auto decompressor will be pressed onto the stock cam behind the cam gear. On the Hot Cam, the cam gear holder is a CAST part of the cam, and cannot be removed. Since you CAN'T remove the gear holder-you CAN'T put any type of decompressor onto the camshaft. When you get the old cam out, and lay it beside the Hot Cam, it will all make sense. Don't worry about losing the decompressor.. You lose a lot of problems when you get rid of it.

I have a 96 with the Hotcam stage 1. You'll be just fine. You'll love the great power band of the engine when your done.

Any of you think I would benefit from removing the auto decomp from my stock 1984 XR500R? I have the starting routine mastered and haven't seen much need for the auto system in some time, I just never bothered to disconnect it. Thanks in advance

I don't think it would be worth the trouble to pull it apart just to remove the decompressor. I would simply wait until you have the motor opened up for something else & then remove it once you have it out. Or swap to a Hot Cam and then just do away with the stock cam entirely.

Now I get it, thanks very much for the assistance guys, I think I will definately do the Cam now, cheers.

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