Grey wire?!?! Canada vs. USA

Ok its down to the wire. I recently visited my local Yamaha dealer in hopes of finding a few different jets for my carb as I had just fitted my 06 WR 450 with a new FMF Factory 4.1 pipe and was trying to get it running a little bit better. My dealer informed me that he had no jets for a Keihn carb, but told me to talk to one of his mechanics to see if he had any. After a lengthy conversation the mechanic told me my problem was that I had disconnected the grey wire, and that it would make it run like crap. I tried to disagree with him but he then told me that the grey wire mod would work on American WR's but not the Canadian version. Can someone tell if this is right or not, and if possible give me an idea of where my carb should be set (jetting wise)? I've done all the free mods plus the FMF pipe.(stock filter) I am also at about 800-1000 feet asl.

I'm in NB and I de-pinned my grey wire from the plug on my 06, I'm pretty sure my bike doesn't run like crap.

Sounds like your bike is running like crap because your dealer don't know "crap" all and couldn't advise you of the "factory" yamaha jets to buy to get your bike out of it's lean condition from running the stock jets with an aftermarket exhaust.

I ordered a 168 main, a 48 pilot, and a 40 leak jet...all Yamaha parts. My bike comes out up on demand in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and comes up in 4th with no clutch on the road comming off rolling hills. You may want to try a 170 main as I'm only running the factory muffler with the baffle removed.

See this link for carb part numbers!

I dont agree with the statement "Sounds like your bike is running like crap because your dealer don't know "crap". I would rather say that your dealer dont know sh#t. :ride:

I live in South Africa and the last time I looked the wire is grey. It is also grey in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA. What makes your mechanic think that Canada is so special. Maybe he thinks its the pink wire or the red wire with green dots.

Jokes aside its the grey wire finished.




Your dealer is living in the past. Early Canadian WR's were different and did not have the grey wire or throttle stop, but now we get the same crap as the States.

Thanks guys, my bikes not running like crap , it runs good, makes good power but has a bog when you crack the throttle from low rpm. But we'll get it figured out somehow

My 06 bogged before i rejetted and did all the "free mods", after that it runs great.

hasn't bogged on m once, and I get maybe 1 backfire every couple rides., if that.

Did you re-jet it?

I agree with the other lads, I cut my grey wire on my 05 and it ran great even before I up jetted. Alberta so 3000ft + . Yep ignorant mechanic spouting off on stuff he obviously hasn't researched. Get your JD kit here on tt and let her rip.

A bog on acceleration is almost always a jetting/ac pump issue. Rejet with indy's specs or a JD kit plus new leak jet then set up your ac pump if you still have the bog. The grey wire has nothing to do with it.

Same here in Chile... Gray wire disconnected and running fine. ¿why is it that we know better than dealers and Yamaha technicians???:applause:

WOAHH!!!!!!! Some of us need to read the original post more carefully. He never said anything about a bog. He also stated that he wanted to rejet but could not get the jets from his local dealer. The question was should he reconnect his gray wire. Someone else mentioned above that the earlier Canadian model WR's did not come with the gray wire, and this is true. I don't know for sure, but it sounds like the current models do come with the gray wire and it can be disconnected. Personally I did not notice any performance difference with mine disconnected on my 02 WR426, but that is me and I am not a professional rider. Just my 2c. Hope this helps.


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