XR650R clutch cover gasket size??

Well I replaced the clutch on my 650, and the gasket around the cover had an extra 1/4 inch of material. &%$#@!, so I just put it back together, and did the best I could while I ordered another one. New one came in, same thing.


is there a difference in the years or something? This time I trimmed it, and glued the ends together with RTV.

The bike is an 01



Put the gasket in the fridge/freezer for a few minutes, (the same affect will occur that happens to your nads in the Pacific ocean during a winter swell), it will cool it down and resize it temporarily, cutting was a bad idea, it will probably leak..........

I just did mine as well. On the cover there are little indents that hold the oring in place. The freezer is a good idea didn't think of that. All I did was push oring to the very outside edges of that groove using those indents to hold the oring in place and it fit perfectly.

yeah even in the indents it was too long. rode 30 miles to work, no leak yet. we will see when I got home in the morning.

Good luck. What kind of DS kit do you have on it?

had the baja designs one on it when I bought it.



Baja Designs gotcha, Ever have any problems with that big front fender(air scoop) at highway speeds?

no, but I'm probably gonna trim it down some eventually.

I got a SM front fender from XR's only for $28. It looks pretty good and has a low profile!

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