'03 WR Clutch R&R - use oem clutch parts?

I want to freshen up my clutch on my WR450. Even though I have a Magura hydro clutch on my bike, I can feel that the clutch isn't quite as strong as it used to be. It is the original clutch, after all. My question is: Is the consensus still to use OEM clutch parts or is there an aftermarket company w/ a good clutch kit anyone is recommending?

Thanks for the help.

Funny I just replaced mine today for the second time in a month. First time I used an EBC set and on my first ride had problems with the free play going away while in a tight rocky canyon. Had to keep adjusting it out more and more and finally wasn't even able to fully disengage. As soon as I got out in the open it all went back to normal and I had to readjust it all the way back to the original setting. Never had that problem with the original set so this afternoon in go new oem Yamaha plates. Oh yeah and the EBC spring set makes the pull much harder. I've learned my lesson never again aftermarket :thumbsup:

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