XR650R Street Legal?

Does Washington state allow riders of the XR650R to install a Baja Designs kit and then register their bike for the street?

Unfortunately you can't. I was up there for 4.5 years and did all the research in the world to get my pig on the street. Idaho, Oregon are the only "western" states that allow it. Just moved to NV and put a Dakar kit on mine. Should have a plate for it in about a wheel.

Here in Montana you do a "self inspection" fill out a form and basically liscense anything under the sun on the street. I went to liscence my XR650R and asked the lady to make it street legal, she did some typing on the computer and then handed me the plate.

my bro lives in port oarchard and had no problem reg. a pig he bought in salem ,OR. in wash. that would be the way to go.

Yep, as the State Patrol no longer does inspections so the bike would either have to be grandfathered in (mine was done several years ago) or must be transferred in from another state already plated.

I have 1 with a plate, but bought it in Portland with a Oregon plate on it. It was still a very big pain to transfer to Washington, the computer still picked up on the "not for highway use" from running the vin. I argued for 20 min. that it was a dual sport before they gave me a plate. I would say the only way is to get 1 with an out of state plate and do what I did.

Colorado has to be the easiest state to get a plate. I just had to sign a form that said; 1. The bike was over 50cc. (enough power to drive speed limits). 2. The bike has a functioning headlight. 3. The bike has functioning rear running light & brake light. (suppose to be a certain size, and wired to ft. & rear brake levers). 4. The bike has a mirror. (one will do, left side if only one). 5. The bike must have a horn. (audible for 50ft. Technically, a bicycle horn works in CO).

I also had to get a VIN verification, but the dealership did that for free. There is no mention in CO of a speedometer, but I got a Trail Tech. The bike is suppose to have street legal tires, but I've never been checked or even pulled over. Went to the county building with my forms & Certificate of Origin, paid them 100 bucks, and walked out with a plate. The title came in the mail later. No inspection required.

Too bad WA is not that easy. The guy from Pt. Orchard must have been plated already. They (legally) will not do it. I have heard of guy's going to the one stop sign towns DMV have had it done but you have to get that one DMV lady on the right day.

Cool, thanks for the info fellas, I was hoping that by moving to Washington from California I would be able to beat all the lame laws regarding dual sports, apparently not. Thanks, anyway. I'll be in Oak Harbor, WA as of the 1st of May with my Yamaha 426f so if anyone is in the area and wants to do some 'froadin let me know


You in the military? I just came from Oak Harbor in Feb. If you havn't been there walker valley is an alrigt place to go and Tahooya down by the olympics is badass!

G'day all

From the info I was able to get you can go to Idaho or Oregon and they will enable you to registor the bike, however when it comes time to re-registor the bike they will refuse it and they then put notice to sorounding states and prohibit this bike boeing re-registored and moved back to WA, gotta love this state...NOT!!!

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