03 wr 450 electric starter problem

I just finished motarding an 03 wr 450. When I first bought it the electric starter would not turn over the motor. I heard about the problems with the 03 so did a lot of research on the problems with the 03 woodruff key and other affected parts. So I have changed all the recomended parts (04 torque limiter, and misc pieces), put in a new starter clutch, and even put in a new starter motor. The kick starter works fine. The electric starter still will not turn over the motor even after the bike has been running for a little. I charged the battery and it reads 15.3 volts on the meter. I did get it to turn over the motor 1 time for about 2 to 3 seconds. I did notice that the + battery lead got hot. I didn't feel the - lead. I even went as far to disconect the bike battery and connected the battery terminals via jumper cables to my truck. No change. Can anyone help? Thanks

had same problems.Tried the same and ended up being starter motor.Was just like having a flat battery.You can pull the the starter for the exhaust side by removing muffler,loosen header and tilt up.Finally remove 3 way oil pipe and sealing washers then this gives access to starter.When you get the hang of it 5 - 10 min job.

you should be able to have your starter rebuilt locally, and likely cheaper (and quicker) than I'm guessing a $300 replacement from the dealer...

Is your ground solid? Using jumper cable shortcut to the starter may not always work because insufficient contact. It really shound be "hard wired" (becuase of the amprage draw) to really see if the truck battery can turn over the started.

Also, what about the solenoid? have you checked that?

did you replace the bushing that the tq lmtr rides in?i didnt and i never could get the 04 parts to work in my 03,then after selling the parts i read on TT what i think was my problem the bushings are different in the 03 &04

postalridrer, yes i did install the bushing to make the 03 mate up to th 04.

xrmarty. how would i check that relay?

thanks for the help guys!!!

can you buy the bush`s from a dealer ? iv had many problems with mine and when i stripped it down the bush`s are about worn out just wunderd if you could buy them separate

starter was runnig backwards whe i first got the bike so i slackend the 2 long bolts holding the starter together and rotated the center magnets around slightly and worked fine the correct way, its never bee the best of starters anyway so thought id strip it and clean this was when i relised the bushes were very worn and do need replacing but never got round to checking if you can buy them separate from the dealer

anyone ? 03 modal by the way

got a 03 and am sending my starter to get built it wouldend turn the bike over but off of it it would spin 4 or 5 times and then just click and not spin untill u helped it a littlebut on the bike it might start it 1 out of every 30 tries it cost me bout 200 to get it built and it supposed to have a lil better warrenty than a new 1 i also hav had trouble with my kick start stopper breaking if the bike kicks back and thats a 54$ dealer item anyone ever herd of this

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