'02XR650R Starting problem? Help!

This is a few part Q. 1. has anyone put on a "Dakar" dual sport kit? If so have you had any problems with starting it after the install. I blew out my shoulder and dumped a few bucks in to my pig(3K) during my down time.

11.1 piston, stage 2 cam, new electrex speedo so on so forth. Wel the bike is now back in one piece except the seat and kick after kick she will not start. All I get in a hickup and fuel out the overflow.

Any info you guys have would be helpfull!

Has it got a spark?

It has spark. The ignition is working with they key from the kit. I talked too the engineer that designed the kit and he was thinkin git might be the cam because the only place the kit plays into the ignition system is through the kill switch.

I pulled the top end and checked the cam. The "EX" mark was 180 out. I put it so it pointed towards the exhaust. On the stock cam there is not mark but on the stage 2 there a dimple, does any one know which way it should be, it does not say in the destructions. I put the lobes down useing the knowledge I have. ie piston is up so valve should be closed.

I put in two Dakar Kits on two XR650R's, and they started every time. I think your problem is the cam timing is out.

For setting the cam you should get in touch with the people or maker that you got it from. They should have the correct cam timing info. (not sure but I think the dimple should point to an arrow or mark on the head at TDC?)

With your Acewell speedo, were your Dakar plugs and wires wrong? That is the only problem I had, and it was an easy fix once I figured it out.

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