Anybody Running Fat Front Tires?

I'm running Maxxis 6006 tires on my 2005 XR650R generally I like everything about them except that the front tire is half an inch narrower than advertised and seems really skinny. Someone on the Yahoo XR650R site said that skinny tires dont grab ruts, I have TWO mountain bike tires that are fatter than the Maxxis 6006 and the whole point is that they go over rougher terrain better, rocks, roots, bumps, you name it, if it's nasty a fat front tire will just bash over the top of it while a thin tire gets knocked sideways. So is anybody out there running fat front tires on their dirt bikes? If not why not? There HAS to be some sand riders who have fat sand tires on the front. How fat of tires can you run on the XR650R? Anybody out there put an 18" rim on the front of the bike? Does anybody make a really fat 21 inch dirt or gravel road tire?

I asked this also & seemed to get little response. I'm still looking . I just replaced my front cause I screwed up my casing by riding a flat (too long, I suppose). I had a Michlin enduro comp III . I chanced on a desert model this time & it is no wider, but does have a taller profile, so maybe when I run low it'll squash out better. I used to run about 6-10 lbs. Becasue in sand it makes a difference, but chance damage when striking rocks & roots etc...Let me know if you find something. BTW Teraflex is supposed to be working on something but I heard it takes years. Put a bug in John's ear at or call him. Maybe if we keep pushing they'll bump up priorities.

I had a Michlin enduro comp III

I am using the Michlin Enduro comp III on the rear. What do you think of this tire?

I am using the Michlin Enduro comp III on the rear. What do you think of this tire?

I never had it on the rear or even seen one on the rear. What are your experiances with it?

I did try to get a wider rim for front but never found any either. Seems with all the heavy thumpers out there, a wider front would make more sense. Any body got connections with tire manufacturers?

My front tire pretty fat, it's 8.5" wide (23x8.50-11)...


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