help on my wr426 it back fires when i try to start it

i have a wr426 i have strip it down been doin it up for about 3 months. tryed to start it yesterday but for some reason its back fires avery time i try to start it . ive checked the plug its sparking well.i put some fresh fual in the tank. could it be the tuning on the carb. it back fies when i pull the deco lever in i carnt find the problem. whats the best way to star these bikes has it all new to me. could it be the rev screw screwed out to much

can some one help thanks matt

p.s the timeing is ok tdc

The bike wont run with the decompo leaver in. By pulling in the decomp leaver its holding open one of the exhuast vavles and the reason its backing firing is because your holding open the exhaust valve when the bike is firing hold the decopression lever until your past the hard spot (TDC) and let go bring the kickstarter up 2-3 clicks and give a good kick all the way through the stroke DO NOT GIVE IT GAS if you have a problem with this place your hand on the master clyinder and if it doesnt start try again

thanks for all your help the bike is now up an running thanks for the video links. the bike needed a good clean out wowwwwww these bikes got some power with that fmf 4

thanks for all your help matt

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