XR650R float/Carb questions

My buddy dropped me off his XR650R carb the year is around 2000. The float jet was completley crusted in from sitting. I have a few questions for the experts.

1. Is the float jet remavable and if so what is the procedure for removal?

2. What is the stock float height?

I think stock float level is 16mm - but not 100% sure. Do you have the service manual - it's in there (mine's at home). If you have a high speed internet connection, here is a website where you can download the manual (warning - it's a big download) - http://hondatech.info/downloads/Moto

Yeah the float pivots on a removable pin.

Here is the XR650R Manual- "Flip to the section needed", print the section and do any repair. :worthy::thumbsup:

The float is mounted with a pin that will literally fall out when turned sideways. Stock setting is 16mm, some guys go 17mm(to keep gas out of vent tubes. I don't have a prob @ 16mm) :thumbsup:

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