Tripple clamp question

I have a 98 wr 400. The stem on the lower clamp is stripped out. There is a stock set of clamps on e-bay from a 2000 yz 426. I looked the numbers up on Ronnies microfiche and they are different. My question is whether they will work, or were the forks different from 98-00. Any quick answers will help, because they are really cheap and the auction ends in 10hrs from now!

You might want to check out the YZ forum. I bet there's a few guy's out there with early yz's who might be able to answer your question.

Another way is to compair the part numbers. If the same, I would definitely go ahead and get it.

On second thought they won't fit. I just checked Bikebandit's website OEM section and the part numbers don't match. Also, now that I think about it the YZ for sure has a different rake/trail. So I doubt they'll fit. Just my $ .02.

Im thinking the difference comes from how the headlight mounts on the Wr and the plate mounts on the YZ, not the rake and trail ]

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