Brand New IMS Tank Leaks

I installed a new IMS 3.3 gallon YZ tank on my WR with a SDG seat last week. I put some fuel in it then closed up the garage for the night. Today after work I went out to prep my gear for this weekend and noticed that the garage smelled like gas. There was a big spot on the floor and gas down the right side of the motor. Gas was leaking out of the tank around the lower shroud mounting threaded insert on the right side. It was not leaking out of a crack or seam, it looks like it is actually weeping through the plastic itself in an area that looks rough and porous.

I purchased the tank from Baja Designs and I will call them tomorrow. I have noticed some discussion about Baja's customer. I will report back after I talk to them.

Does anybody have an OEM YZF tank they would like to sell??

I had a problem with my IMS tank too, flaw in petcock hole. They were great though about getting it fixed. They even had UPS stop by the house to pick up the tank and drop off a new one!

I just picked up my Clarke stock YZ replica tank last night, and I can tell you that quality of the plastic seems better than that of my 3.2 IMS tank - no rough spots to be found. I'll let you know how it installs after tonight. The price was $165 and for another $35 I got all tank mounting hardware and petcock from Yamaha, so now it's a 10 minute swap.


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