06 yz450f problems?

hey guys, i just got my 04 yz250f stolen, and have to replace it.

i'm looking at a brand new 06 yz450f.

have there been any major problems or anything i should know about these bikes before i take the plunge?

thanks for the help. i know a lot about the 250f's but nothing about the 450's....

The only probalem I've had, was a bad gas cap.

You will see that you will want a new chain.

You will also want to go around the whole bike, and grease as needed. Also make sure your bolts are all tight, especially on the rear sprocket.

Other than the gas cap, the bike as been perfect.

:thumbsup::worthy: on wood...

The first time you adjust the chain (which you should do while installing the replacement chain before you ever ride it, unless you like destroying otherwise useful sprockets), DO NOT adjust it by how it looks. Measure it according to the manual instructions. The '06-7 needs more slack, and looks loose to most people when it's set right. Run the bike with the chain too tight, and you run the risk of breaking the rear hub.

Warning: The bike causes extreme smiling while riding.

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