XR400 and XR600 rear shock interchangeability?

I've come across a shock from a XR400 for cheap that has been revalved and resprung the way I want it. The weight difference between the two bikes is 15lbs or so...Does anyone know if the rear shocks can be swapped?

I emailed ohlins, they say their XR400 shock shaft is longer (???) but the 400 shock can be converted to a 600 shock.

As for the OEM ones, what say you?:thumbsup:

The XR400 shock is longer. Also the rate of the linkages are different so even if you have the shock shaft shortened the valving and spring rate will still be wrong because of the differences in the linkages.

You'd be better off to send your stock shock off to be setup for your weight and riding style. It will cost more to have the 400 shock changed to work on your 600.

Thanks for the info!:thumbsup:

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