Just got a WR400 1999 - Need Maintenance Advice!

Hey guys,

Finally got myself a nice bike, WR400F, 1999 model, and i picked it up for a nice price tag of $3000 (AUD) and only 3500kms. Mostly on road use.

I am still fairly new to the world of moto's and would like to hear some tips from the members here in maintaining the bike. E.g. How often to give an oil change, oil filter change, etc stuff like that.

But lastly i just want to say, I absolutely LOVE IT. Awesome bike to ride around the trails with alot of power...and its not too bad on the road either.

Thanks fellas! Glad to be finally apart of the bike world Very Happy

i change my oil in my 99 after every 3rd or 4th ride (about 16 hours) i'm not sure if thats right but my bike hasn't blown up yet... the filter since your on the road with your bike i'm not really sure, just clean it when it looks dirty with a little gas and spray it with filter oil.

congrats on the new bike hope it does you well!!!

Good choice! I'm still desert racing my 99 and it's held up very well with regular maintenance in spite of all the abuse it's taken over the years.

Recommend the following if you don't know the maintenance history on the bike:

1) Check the valves to make sure they're in spec. Even if they're in spec get the shim numbers to establish your baseline settings. Thay way you'll know what shims you'll need right up front when doing future valve adjustments.

2) Make sure the air filter is clean and clean it after every offroad ride.

3) Change the oil and filter and plan on changing it every two or three light duty rides. If you run it hard, change it more often.

4) Change the coolant.

5) Clean and grease the swingarm and rear suspension linkage bearings.

6) Clean and grease the steering bearings.

7) Tighten the spokes/true the wheels and clean and grease the wheel bearings.

8) Change the brake fluid.

9) Check the torque on all the fasteners.

10) Ride and ride often!

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