WR 450 f to Street Legal

I just got a 2006 WR 450 F, and i want to make it Street Legal in California, How would i do that? just get a license in AZ and put on mirrors and turn signals?

p.s. How do i give it more low-end Tork?

1.jpg you might find some info

The best way is to go to classifieds and put in an add to sell it. Then take the money and buy a bike that is already plated.

The other way is to get a dual sport kit (trickdualsport.com), got to dmv and hope that they let you do it. There are some dmv workers that are not as knowledgeable on the rules. If you are very patient and very persistent, then you might eventually slip through the cracks and get a plate.

Then spend the next few years checking the mailbox daily, waiting for DMV to revoke your plate.

Check the dual sport forum, there's a detail discussion on what to do , what you shouldn't do, what's legal to do, what's not legal, etc...

It's been a long time since I tried that one but if I recall correctly, you also have to have it registered in AZ for at least 6 months. - Good luck

p.s. How do i give it more low-end Tork?

Free mods, Slip on, re-gear, oh mine is plated:busted:

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