It's official - I'm one of the boys!

My XRL just arrived and is sitting in the garage as we speak. For the first time I have a few bucks to spend on accessories because I sold a more expensive bike to get this one.

Thanks to all the info here the first things I'm going to order from the TT store is jets, air filter, pipe and skid plate. My overall list is much bigger than that though!

Everyone talks about the Uni filter. I never heard of them before, are they as good as K&N?

By the way, exactly which uni filter do I get, specifically, size?

Hey Bibleman I like your avatar. The K&N is a good filter for a road going vehicle but hasn't near the filtering capacity of the foam filters so it depends on where you ride. If lots of dust are in your horizon definitely go with the UNI. I didn't know they made more than one for the 650L so I'm no help there.

I've heard the same thing about the K&N before so maybe I'll steer away from it.

Try rocky mountain .com if the TT store doesn't have them. You might want to get a larger tank because the stocker won't get you to far.

Thanks for the tip Goblin. There's a guy on ebay selling a set of nice bars and risers, I think I may put a bid on them as well because he says it bring the bars higher and farther forward. I'm used to a touring bike for the past two years and the stock bars seem a little close. The list goes on!!:thumbsup:

Rockey Mt. is a great site. Dennis Kirk is also another one. they are running a huge sale right now as well. If you need specks for your new pig go to ron ayers site to the feash link. It has everything you need. It helped me out alot when i had the bike apart. it is always easier to tear her down than build her up.

I actually got most of the parts for my bike off e-bay of from TT. I got beat on a seat on e-bay and am working on corection that now

If your going to rejet then go with the Daves mods for best results.

I like . They claim they are OEM now for honda & yamaha. I think they have a video on their site. Great customer support, I spoke to a guy named Scott, @ Notoil. Some gale at Notoil said "all three major manufacturers are good = Twinfilter, Unifilter & them." But cleaning Notoil is the bomb! They said many guys throw'em into washmachine to clean. I have 3, rotate often & cleaning the dirty one in spare time, & having one ready & oiled at all times for quick change out.

Thanks for all the tips and links guys - I really appreciate it. I think I'll try to get as much as I can from the TT store, but it's good to have back-up sources:prof:

I am using the No-Toil filter charger kit (rim grease, cleaner, & filter oil) with my Uni filter. Great combination!

Doesn't the filter oil residue stick to your washing machine?

I haven't tried it yet , but if your filter isn't real caked up I would probably try it. (dont want all the grit)There shouldn't be any left over residue because the oil breaks down completely with detergents. Its not dino oil it's veg based.

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