03 450 Or 04 450?

I Currently Have A 03 Yz450 And Love It, But There Is A 04 Yz450 For Sale At A Good Price..... Is It Worth My Time Replacing My 03 For An 04? What Is The Biggest Difference? Both Bike Are Stock And That Fine By Me Both In Excellent Condition. Plz Let Me Know., Thx

03 and 04 where pretty similiar. If you keep what you have, at least you know where its been.

I have a new 04. My friend has riden both and says the 04 is smoother and has better forks. I will ride it at the track for the 2nd time this Sat.

Go see if you can ride the 04!!

Keep your '03, and save up for an '06. When you get it, you can send me a PM thanking me for the advice.

Ditto with Grayracer:thumbsup:

Or keep the 03 - turn it into a beast.....I did

and buy a 06/07 or 08

not enough diff to sell a 03 for a 04 or 05

The '04 has been mellowed over the '03, Yamaha tamed the powerband and it smoothed it out, They tweaked the suspension a little bit but probably not enough to warrant trading one for the other - unless you're getting a really killer deal, then the auto decompression alone is worth it - my 04 is way easier to start than my friends '03!

'03 has auto decompression. Mine is super easy to start.

Oops - was thinking of the '02 (426) - sorry

04 has better suspension then the 03, but that motor on that 03 is a monster. I had an 03 before I bought my 06 yz450f and I still miss the power of the 03. My 03 yz450f with wb carbon pro was my favorite bike ever and I have owned damn near every bike known to man.

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