07 YZ450 SE Jetting Suggestions??

Hey guys I just got me a new 2007 white YZ450 SE and I have to say I absolutely love the bike. I do have some questions though. I have noticed that if you crack the throttle while riding you get a hesitation or cough ..........Baa-Whaaap! I live at 1200ft elevation and I am wondering if you guys have any carb tips/tricks or jetting fixes for this particular problem? I just sold my 04 CRF450 and before that I had a 2000 YZ426 that had the same problem, but I have been out of the tuning fork loop for a while.

Can ya help a brotha out?

i don't know the hot setup for your area, but if you don't have an adjustable fuel screw yet... get one of those. pretty quick and easy once you learn how to use it.

When people say, "crack the throttle" to me, I think they mean "open it slightly". Is that what you're talking about, or do you actually mean "snap it from fully closed to WOT in a fraction of a second"?

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