good news for all.

Hello thumpertalk brothers. Great news. On wednesday after christmas i weighed 256 lbs. My wife gave me a challenge. She would buy me new Motocross boots if i lost 25 lbs by March 1. Well here it is Feb 1 and i have lost 17 lbs. I live with a nutritionest so she told me what i can and cant eat. Then i started going back to the gym. I hit it hard. Eating right and lifting hard. Not only will my bike perform better but i will not get as tired as i am advancing greatly with the weights. I will be able to throw it around a little more and hold on better. Any way. i am doing it. i was excited so i wanted to share. Not to mention that i bought her a bike also. 1984 XR 200. $400 dollars. Perfect running machine. Only needs new chain and sprockets. Which i already got via Rocky mountian ATV. And she loves it.

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good job lewichris!!!

I to have been preparing for this upcoming year by hitting the gym and playing bball twice a week on a league. I also bought simecs arm pump video and started to do the dumbbell curl that he suggested and I am at a point were I need to increase the wieght. I am hoping that will cut down on my severe arm pump I get


"do or don't there is no try" - Yoda

Congrats LewiChris. I too lost 35lbs. in the past 4mo's.... from 215 to 180. You can not believe how much better you will feel & how much better you can ride. My secret was the following: Divorce & heart attack (which you don't want to go through) & a new diet of fish, chicken & lots of pasta. Stay away from any & all fat's. Breakfast cerial(low fat) w/skim milk or grapefruit is key for metabolism. I now look at every label for how much fat is contained.

For starch - Bake potatoe w/ French's mustard = 0fat.....good luck & keep thinking of that new shiny bike you will earn!


You guys are all way ahead of me, but I have also been trying the diet plan.

As of Jan 1st, (when else do you start a diet :) ) I have lost 6.5 L-B's. Im pretty excited about it also.

I'm like you GA426Owner, I look at the fat of everything now. I have a bananna when I get up, then about 10am I have my cereal w/skim milk, for lunch a SlimFast, (I know a lot of you are probably agianst SlimFast, but its working for me) and then a yougart a couple hours later and then a good hearty dinner. (Chicken w/brocilli or rice)

In one day, I can keep my fat grams under 20 easily with this routine.

Ask me in another month if I am still able to maintain my sanity. :D

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"Hey hunny I can see my feet"

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When I got my bike I was at 257lbs, now I am at 238lbs. It makes such a huge difference in endurance. I don't find fats to be the big problem. It's the type of carbos and the overall balance of carbo to protien calories.

19 lbs down and 28 to go.

We should add it all up once a month and see how much we loose as a group.

You guys make me sick!

Just remember, it's not the fat that kills you...

It's the stress worrying about it!!

4 pieces of fruit a day

little or no soda

light weights three times a week

brisk 1.5 mile walk 4 times a week

buying the bonus 3-pack of twinkies ok...

just give the third away, it makes you feel better than eating it(not kidding)

now if I didn't tear my acl last summer I would

practice what I preach.

Lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks before tackling big

russian shoplifter at work



Less weight=less wait



(Mrs. SoCalWR426 here)

Your a very naughty naughty boy! :)

you guys got it ruff!!! all i tell my bitch is- bitch, i'm buyin new boots.

Congrats!!! You forgot to mention a very important side effect of the good diet and working out........The mental game. The diet and workouts are very important but the mental workout is the best. I work in a high stress position and for me,,,,,,,the stress relief and mental unloading is probably more important.

I have been watching my diet closely because I love to eat junk food. I think it is a result of never getting to eat stuff like Twinkies and Bon Bons as a kid. I now substitute the junk food with fruit and veggies. I find that I don't have the mental ups and downs associated with the sugar rushes. I rarely drink sodas anyway so I increased my water intake.

The results have been good. I have lost 15 pounds over the last 3 months. I still have about 15-20 pounds to lose to be where I want to be. I still fall off of the wagon every now and then but not like in the past. Life is great!!!

.......and the lovely wife likes it too!!!!!



THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!!!!! :)


I'm in no shape to be training!!!


I weighed this morning and almost 14 days after my last post Im down another 4 lbs.

Almost 10 total now!

This is the best I have ever done.

Now where did I put those rice cakes?..... yumm.

right on milkman, keep it up. My progress was temporarily stalled by my SuperBowl party. I make a BBQ Beef sando that nobody can resist :)

Great Job MOmilkman! Keep it up & keep watching that fat intake! I am doing the same as you. My goal is 180-185lbs. I am hovering at 188-191lbs. My weight seems to be higher on Mon -Weds. Then I drop down by the weekend, ready to ride!


update. with 1.5 weeks to go i am weighing in at 236. So only 6 more lbs to go by mar 1.

update. with 1.5 weeks to go i am weighing in at 236. So only 6 more lbs to go by mar 1. For a grand total of 19 lbs lost

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