WR 450 2006 engine

Yesterday I found a left over 2006 for around 5k and planned to buy it today. I'm ok with steel the frame. However last night I was reading a tread which talked about the 07's having less vibration, engine breaking and are less prone to stall. I never spent any time on a 05/06 WR450. I do ride some slow rocky technical trails. If the vibration and stalling are notable then I would most likely get an 07. I would appreciate those whom have 05/06's to comment as to the vibration and stalling. I have been riding a XR 600 for some time. I have been accessing all the brands for a while have decided I getting a WR. Thanks for your help.

I went from a modified XR650R to a 2006 WR450. I trail ride. I don't have stalling problems with the WR and the vibration doesn't seem bad at all. I've been really happy with the bike.

I have the 05......there is very little engine vibration, I only have problems stalling when locking up the back wheel (sliding into a corner or similiar), 5K sounds like a great price (if brand new). All WR's including the 07 will have tons of engine braking (compared to a 2 strk), you just have to get used to it...and your brakes last forever.

The 07 will give you an advantage in the tight trails because of the lowered center of gravity and is a little lighter. There still big heavy bikes with lots of power:busted:

I have the 06' and ride tight slow trails in the east. I dropped the front sprocket one tooth and I do not notice near the problems with stalling that I had with my old bike riding the same trails. Also I do not notice that much vibration in the bars or pegs. For approx. two grand for me there is no comparison because I also bought a left-over.

I have the 06 and the only time I had problems with stalling was when the throttle stop and grey wire were connected. It was only caused by going full (half because of throttle stop) for a minute and backing off fast and braking hard, it would stall. Now that the mods are done, it runs PERFECT. PLus I jetted it correctly, just had to up the slow jet.

I also ride tight stuff and stalling is not an issue, and neither is the vibration. It vibrates at idle noticably, but it is not fatiguing at all or is it annoying. I came from an XR 250.

Thanks for everyone's help. I gave the dealer a deposit on the 2006 and will pick it up next week. It is a brand new 2006 wr450 and the price was $5300 and the dealer is taking care of the YZ throttle stop. I plan to do some riding next week. This is the my first Yamaha all Honda except for a Bultaco many years ago. I have always liked WR's. I'll post after I pick it up and try it out. Thanks again.

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