Wanted: XR600

Hey guys I'm looking for any 1991 or newer XR600....not converted is fine, but a title, at least an off road title, is necessary. It should run good but cosmetics don't matter any. I would even consider and 1988 to 1991 bike but the price must be low. If it's '91 or later I'd like to spend under $1600.

I would also consider an XR400, but it would have to be cheap w/ a title.

I like to not drive too far, and I'm in Lancaster, PA, so the South east PA/MD/NJ region would be best.

Let me know what ya got. Thanks

I'm in central VT and I have a '91 600r that I'm thinking about selling, I just got a 650r and the wifes after me to get rid of one.

2 years ago the oil pump went and I replaced the top end, cam, rockers, etc.

It still smoked on start up after that, so the next winter (winter of 05-06) I replaced the intake valves and them re-seated and had the cylindar honed, and put in a new piston.

Its bored .5mm over. It has new sprockets, chain and rear tire(IRC m5b) from last season. New brake pads and front tire(perelli mt44) from the season before.

The motor runs great, really strong. Towards the end of the season last year I thought I felt the clutch slipping when hammering in 3rd gear, and the rear wheel bearing is ready to be replaced.

I changed the oil every 200 miles or so and have changed the shock and fork oil on it also.

I'm not the first owner, but have been through every inch of that bike.

PM if your interested.

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