yz400 fuel screw question

a little help needed, hopefully somebody still has a 400 or remembers this from their yz400f. I have a 99

Had some work done by a place a while back on my bike, they were doing some jetting work so I had them put on a zip ty fuel screw. Screw needed to be 3 turns out to get it to run properly, so used it for a while but is was so loose I did not like it (actually had to put a small piece of tape from the screw to the carb body to keep it from coming out) so after dealing with this for a while, I said screw it I am putting the stock fuel screw back in.

well I put the stock screw back in, but from what I remembered the bottom of the fuel screw did not come out of the bottom of the carb, but now it comes out by maybe 1/8th of an inch.

This is the original FCR carb, does anybody know if I have to remove the bottom of the carb to get the fuel screw seated properly? I'm thinking maybe there is another set of threads that the carb can grab the screw, but it is not the proper place it is supposed to be.

if anyone has an idea please let me know, thanks.

Mine was like that. I took a round file and made the hole in the float bowl bigger.

did you pull the stock fuel screw back out to check it you didn't strip the threads cuz i had a aftermarket fuel screw ontoday and didnt' liike how it was loose too, went to put my original back in then it wouldn't go in all the way then tried to loosen it and take it out, had to take float cover off, fuel screw fell out threads were stripped :thumbsup: was so pissed off at my bike since ive spent so many hours on it i took it the shop and said get it running and starting proper and don't send it back to me til it is hhahahha

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