GPR Stabilizer

Just received my new GPR stabilizer and triple clamp, new chain and sprockets for my Wr. Going to install tonight and finish Saturday, to ride Sunday. I hope that all goes well, and that I made the right choice on stabilizer. :thumbsup:

Thank you fellow TT'ers for all the info i found on TT, this site is the best.:worthy:

You did. The GPR is great. I have never had a problem with one.

Keep your original reciept for the stabilizer and then you get the free 18 month service :thumbsup:

Which gpr did you get? Mine is in the mail should be hear anyday. I got the v1 fat bar set up I think it is under the bar too. I just put in my new pro start rekluse.

Got the V2 Kit With Upper Triple Clamp For Fat Bars. Thats great to hear you have had no problems with yours, witdogg. :thumbsup: And thank for the receipt info, WGP, :worthy: i will put the receipt in a safe place. How do you like the rekluse, that is if you have had a chance to run with it? I am hoping to make that my next purchase, after i do some research and get the $$ together.:ride: Well time to start the install of GPR, wish me luck......

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