New GYTR exhaust for '06 & '07 YZ

Check it out. It has a "patent pending resonant chamber" in the headpipe. My guess is that it is supposed to act similar to an FMF Megabomb header. Definately interesting.

Go to for the description.

What do you think?

I think that is the strangest header I have ever seen....I would like to test it though.....they make some strong claims in the add......:thumbsup:

yeah ive seen that a month ago.. ive already started to save up for one.. hopefully will have it by end of june... if not next month.

Thats the ugliest header ive ever seen, and theres no spark arrestor. Bummer.

maybe now that my WBs system is toast..............:applause:

That's awfully expensive for stainless/aluminum pipe!

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