Hot Cams stage 1 or stage 2 on xr650r???

Ive got an 01 650r that I use for bombing around on the street, its got a full FMF pipe, and was looking at the Hot Cams. Does anyone have any real world experience with the two (stage 1 vs. stage 2)? Good, bad?? How much bottom end did you lose if any? thanks..

Stage II w/ 680 motor Eddie carb Barnum Exhaust 14-48 gearing Lost a little bottom end, but the bike hauls azz, the minor low end loss is insignificant, I ride dez 5th gear stuff, and it can be dealt w/ gearing...for the small tight stuff.............Get it.......

i run a fmf powercore 4 with a stage 2 and honestly i didnt notice any bottom end loss the bike rips now and the improvement is amazing.

Is your bike still a stock bore 650? Will the stage two cam work with the stock compression?

my bike is stock internals

Anyone have dyno charts for both?

I had my mechanic install a Hot Cams stage II cam and edelbrock carburator on an uncorked XR650R with a stock piston and exhaust. They jetted the carb on a dyno and dynoed it before they started. This combination yielded a large increase in torque over the entire RPM range including the bottom end. Horsepower is really up over 5000 RPM it just hauls like crazy. If you are a power freak this cam is for you also it sounds like a million bucks.

Got any numbers?

So if im jetted fine now, what sort of jetting needs to be done with the stage 2 cam? thanks..

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