New YZ 400F Rider question

I`m a new rider and am learning the ropes slowly. What is the ribbed knob by the carb, I`m assuming it is the idle adjustment, if so is it just a stop adjustment or is it low speed jet adjustment. If it is a jet adjustment what should it be.

Thanks for any feed back

its a stop adjustment for the throttle wheel.

Yep, its an idle adjustment screw. Turn it in to increase your idle and turn it out to decrease your idle.

Check out the common threads at the top of this forum there is a ton of useful info there. May not cover this question but has much info in it.

Thanks for the info

If the knob seems difficult to turn, remove the throttle cable cover from the right side of the carb and hit the threads of the actual stop screw with some dry moly spray lube.

Sounds like you may also want a manual:

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