10-30 oil in XRL? Hmmmm....

The manual says this is the preferred oil - sounds light doesn't it, especially for a big air cooled thumper?

That's what I run in winter. 30 degrees F or higher.

I, use 10-40 all year.

I think that 10W-30 is just too thin for a XR600. The bike runs hot no matter what the outside temp is. Now you do need to run an oil that will flow when starting. The question is how cold do you ride your bike. The lower number has to be low enough to flow. I run 15W-40 Rotella and I think that should be good down to about 15F. Since I will never start my bike when it is that cold it is not an issue. Around 30F is about my limit. I've never had an issue with the oil being too thick to start the engine. I might ride up a mountain where it is closer to 20F, but the engine will be warm. 20W-50 is good to 25F or so.

Does anyone actually ride a dirt bike when the temps are in the single digits?

That's funny Cleonard, I was using Rotella 15-40 previously myself and figured on using it in the XRL. Al this talk of oil weight makes me wonder if there's a connection between it and engine temp. I've always heard that a thinner oil cools better. I wonder if the guys reporting higher temps are using heavier oil. Maybe that's why Honda recommends the 10-30. Just pondering:excuseme:

XRs only told me they use 20/50 year round and i live right where there at in the Ca desert.I got a temp dipstick and even on a cooler day the oil will get 200-225 so ill use there recomendation and use it unless i see the temps are too low, i doubt that will ever happen though my L seems to run at least 175

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