Broke my clutch..I need your 2 cents.

So I dropped my BRP in the rocks, cracked the clutch cover and busted one of the clutch basket (maybe pressure plate) posts. Whatever the clutch spring bolt threads into..that post broke.

The bolt spun around enough inside the case to file off a couple healthy table spoons full of aluminum shavings and run them around inside the clutch.

I was a long way from home and was forced to dismantle the clutch on the trail and pull out all the metal filings I could, put it back together with 3 of the 4 bolts and ride it home. I kept my shifting to a minimum.

My question is....other than replace the broken parts and put a new clutch and oil change, etc., what do I need to be concerned about here? I want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything.

Thanks in advance.

I just recently purchased a new Hinson basket ,it's going in this weekend, if you want to buy my stocker, let me know..........

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