Works Connection Skid Plate for 650R?

I covered the inside of my Works Connection skid plate with DynaMat 'Xtreme'. . It's available from high end car stereo shops , has an adhesive backed layer on one side, a very thin and dense rubberized middle, ang a foil covering on top, and it had an amazing result.A guy at suggested it.

Yeah, I had the plate anodized red because I'm an idiot who spends money foolishly on this hobby !

It was about 25 bucks, and the minimum I could only get was enough for about 3 skid plates, so I hooked up a couple brothers. Very,very impressive . Doug

I saw this posted in another thread and thought it looked like a really nice skid plate, but I don't see them listed on Works Connection website. Did they stop making them?



That looks like a CRF plate. I think it would leave the coolant resevoir vulnerable on the XR. The Dynamat is a great idea if you plan on changing from the stock skid plate.

Ah, good call. It was posted in this forum, but maybe it wasn't for a 650.

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