Thinking about a pumper carb

I'm in the process of dismantling my XRL (only got 2 miles on it!) to get it "right":p I have the usual goodies on the way but now I'm thinking about skipping the jet kit and going for a pumper. Could someone please answer the following ???s

1. Is there a clear best choice as far as brand?

2. How do you tune one?

3. Is there really a significant benefit over a properly jetted stock carb?

4. Any downside (aside from price!)?


Best bet is to do a search and you are gooing to get plenty to read. I have not seen much negative. Price is a big consern and there were problems with the pump going bad. Some sort of adjusting knob seemed to break. I thought of going with it awhile back but the price was just not tolerable for me. I did put a mikuni flat slide with out pump from XRs only and am very happy with it.

Well if I may hijack my own thread, let me ask you your opinion. Besides the usual Dave's mods, I have the FMF Q2 pipe coming. I decided to go with 55/160 jets since I figure the Q2 will have more flow than the stock pipe but not that much more. Do you think I'm in the ballpark with the jets I ordered?

Yes, right on the money.

OK thanks!

i put a mikuni pumper on mine and noticed a very large increase in response and power it was unbelievable how much a difference it made and for only 270 it was a steal check out they got all kinds from 99-350 non pumper and pumper fast shipping too

If you look XRs only actually has 2 different carbs for the L but you can always give them a hollar and ask their opinion also.

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