Stoked ! teardown is mostly complete.

Valves : First time I redid the problemo. But....snipped a zip tie on the timing chains to get it free and HAAAAAAAAAAAA a bit of plastic fell down in the hole !!!! I went to the hardware store an bought one of thos long grabby things with a plunger&spring action....30 seconds later the little bastad was in the trash. Phew.

Jetting for Stroker & FMF : Main Jet up to 160 from 150. I finally got a new starter jet in there as well after de-octopussing. Some idiot had an 85 yes 85 in there (I bought it second hand). No wonder I fouled my plug in the cold weather. 60 fits very well in there now.

Foot peg mod : Cut the barrels off and had them rewelded for 6$! The guy even spray painted them again !!

And best of all......started on second kick after 6 weeks of stagnating in sub zero temps with my amateurish wrenching on top of it.

I'm stoked, especially as its forecast to be warm tomorrow. I just have to get rid of this stinking cold & flu now !!!


That was a close one Missile, you almost had to fly my wife out to use her secret weapon. On how to retreive objects from inside your motor. :)

SoCal was like deja-vu ! Did your hair stand straight up when you said haaaaaaaggghhh as well ??

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