Michelin Baja Tire

Does anyone use the michelin baja tire on their bike? Just curious to how people liked it.

http://www.rockymountainatv.com/prod...amily Id=3341

I posted this in the xr250/400 forum and i was thinking that maybe the big bore more traditional baja bikers would have another opinion.


Way too soft a compound, wears out in no time! I got 500 miles out of a rear, and 700 from the front. Overpriced too :applause:

I've been running the rear Baja tire for years. Because it's a 140-80x18 tire you won't see a lot of small bore bikes running it. It's a DOT tire with stiff side walls so you can run it flat if you have to.

I get 1000 miles + on a rear tire all dirt not street. Back in the day when my buddy from Trailboss Tours had a deal going on with Michelin he ran them on his fleet of bike and loved them. Your right they are not cheep but IMO your getting your moneys worth.

If your in need of a bullet proof tire thats what I run. I run Baja a lot and down south where the rocks will distroy a rear tire the Baja holds up.

As far as the front goes I never tried it. I've been told it's a little sketchy at times. I found the best front tires for me are the Dunlop 773, 756 and the Maxxis IT. I run hard pack to sand and rocks. The Dunlop 606 is a good rock tire but not good in the sand.

Alot of xr400 guys use the 140/80 and i want it for extra width and grip i spin my 110/100 too much without moving foward. just wondering how people like it and it seemed durable because its designed for desert. has anyone got it in the mud? if so how does it do?

I just mounted a Michelin enduro Comp III 140/80 18 on my rear. I have run it in the hard pack, sand and mud. the hard pack is hard to compare. in the sand and mud though it grips and throws the sand and mud. I am confused on the math as far as tire sizes go though. I figured the 140/80 would be a low profile but wide tire. Aactually it sits higher than a dunlop 110/100 and is just a little wider. It is a nice tire though and so far holds up well

That's how michelin sizes are. They sound larger than they are. I think a 140 equates to a 120 or so from other manufacturers.

a 110/100-18 means the tire is 110mm wide and has a aspect ration of 100% meaning htat hte sidewall is 100% of the width.

110 x .1 x 1.00 (100%) x .3739 (to get sidewall height in inches) x 2 (two sidewalls) +18" (rim diameter) =26.2258" (total tire height)

for a 140/80-18 140mm width with a 80% aspect ratio.

140 x .1 x .8 x .3739 x 2 +18= 26.81888"


140 x .1 x .3937 = ~5.5118"

All of these are the exact calculations, they may vary depending rim widths, tube sizes/tire pressures, and manufacturing tolerences.

hope that helps

That's how michelin sizes are. They sound larger than they are. I think a 140 equates to a 120 or so from other manufacturers.

yes it does. It equates to a 120/100-18

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