Standard handlebar diameter

Hi everyone,

looking to raise my handlebars up, and fit a good set of aftermarket bars.

Thinking about ordering a set of Rox Risers:

5inch rise. The risers bolt into the handlebar clamps.

Question One: What is the diameter of the standard bars on the bike now ?

Question Two: What diameter are most after market bars ? Renthal, or Pro Taper ?

Do I go: 5" Rise x 7/8" Stem Clamp x 7/8" ? OR

Do I go: 5" Rise x 7/8" Stem Clamp x 1 1/8" ?

Any help, as usual, is really appreciated.

I would think that a 5" rise is a bit drastic. This part is intended for pit bikes. A 2" would accomadate a rider up to 6'4". To answer your question standard bars are 7/8" diameter. Both Renthal and Protaper make both a 7/8" and 1 1/8" bar. its more of a matter of prefferance. Do you want a crossbar? If not then either the Renthal fatbars, or Twinwall or Protaper Evo, Contour or original protaper. If you want the crossbar I would reccomend the more economical 7/8" bars from either Renthal or Protaper. I am not a fan of the adapter risers, I would reccomend a billet top clamp with adjustable bar mounts, they are much,much stronger than the stock cast pieces. Though I must add these particular risers are the neatest ones I have seen thus far. I use the following top clamp and bar mounts.

The fact that you are in the U.K. I would be a bit biased towards the Renthal bars, there great and you should be able to get them a bit cheaper than the rest of us.

Rebelventurer, thanks for the info.

I am 6 feet 8 inches tall, with very long arms. Perhaps, even so, the 5 inch rise is a bit extreme. Yes, I noticed those clamps are for pit bikes as well. I mailed the company yesterday, and am waiting for their advice.

Thanks for reply

Hey Paul! I am 6' 5'' and went up a total of 3 inches and the cr double high bend. Perfect! For you I would recommend the 3 1/2" risers. If you needed a little higher you could go with the double high bend! Remember the nice things about these risers is that they will rotate forward for that perfect fit. 5" will be to high and there is no going down. The difference in position is day and night! Good luck! My .02

My Tall "set up"

I am 6'6" and run 2 3/4 risers and renthal fat bar 1 1/8 carmical high's (4.5") It's perfect!:applause:

Wow, we have a lot of Power Forwards, and Centers riding these 650s !!

Thanks for advice xr650l bum and xr650rkyle, I will get the: 3 1/2" Rise x 7/8" Stem Clamp x 1 1/8" and slap on some 1 1/8 carmichael highs.

Happy riding all

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