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Im building a supermoto out of a brand new 0 mile 2006 WR450F. Im going to have some spare parts and was wondering what you thought some of the stock parts are worth. Im mainly trying to justify spending 1700 on a set of marchanisi forged wheels vs. using my stock hubs with excel wheels and buchanon spokes.

The parts ill be selling off the bike if I did the wheel set I want are.

* Front Brake caliper and line

* Front brake rotor

* Front and Rear complete wheel set. (no rotor or sprocket on rear.)

will come with tires, wheels, hubs, spokes...0 miles on them.

* AIS (haha, just a joke)

* Complete set of stock bodywork...including ( fender, headlight, rad. shrouds, number plates, rear fender, fork protectors, and gas tank.

Any input will help.

Thanks in advance.

most stuff will be available on ebay or this site (depending on the rules, I am going to go read the classified rules now)

*this stuff is not for sale in this thread so lets not turn it into that. just give me some advice.

On ebay I have bought for my '05:

Complete '06 brand new head pipe and muffler- $25

Front brake caliper and master cyln and lever-$15

Complete brand new '06 computer-$50


A company was selling off parts for eight that they supermotoed and the plastic kits we going for $50-$70. Wheels went for the most money. Ebay is hit and miss and price depends on if someone really wants it bad or not. Good luck.

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