flat spot YZ450 2006??

Hi guys

a good mate of mine just fitted a vortex to his bike and re-jetted his carbi and now it has a flat spot when accellerating. I adjusted his air/fuel screw and put a smaller jet in it with no luck. If anyone could asist in rectifying this problem would be great:crazy:



Do you mean a Vortex ignition? Does it have multiple maps? Or are you referring to a power now? Have you tried the jetting that was working before any other changes.

For one, your description of where and under what circumstance the "flat spot" occurs needs a little more detail.

Try using a baseline of 45/165/needle in #4/2 turns out, and see how it acts. If there are multiple ignition maps available on the Vortex, try a different one. If all else fails, try the stock CDI again to isolate the problem.

If you expect the bike to be able to take full throttle on a sudden snap form idle, you're dreaming. You can improve on the response a stock '06 is delivered with, but no big 4-stroke is ever going to do that without giving up something else.

It is a vortex ignition, and the flat spot occurs when you snap the throttle and the bike is that bad it stalls the engine. I will try the stock Ignition back on it to isolate the problem.

Thanks guys i will let you know how i go.



He thaught that by dropping the bike into a dealer it would fix the problem, but no after spending hundreds of dollars still a dead spot not as bad. Thanks for your advice guys.

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