It hurts crashing at 45....

I hope you feel better soon.

Sorry to hear, but to put the blame on your pal is LAME. You don't know if hes coming up on a rut or boulder and needed to change lines (passing is always a big risk). I supose that if your partner slams on his brakes and you hit him its his fault too. Sorry to say but yes i think you should retire before you really hurt somebody by riding unsafe. Before i pass a buddy i drop a rev to let him know im there.

My point on my thread was not to aim blame.....Ultimately it is my responsibility and my fault! Since when does holding your line if you are a beginner to novice rider not apply....Do you have the crystal ball on what the track conditions were...I do not think so....SA....I am glad I do not ride with you....I was the 2-3 times faster rider...crap happens and no mention of anyone applying brakes except from me - and this would have taken the rider behind me out.....and yes I do care who I take out -

I appreciate your opinion....but you are way off.......

btw. which bike was it that you wrecked?

my 06....looked at it last $$$$$ to spend.:applause:

...the bike can be fixed, but when I crashed and was crawling on the ground trying to figure out what time it was I asked the wife as soon as she ran up to me...."how is my bike?"

so help resolve the pain I guess....much better today :applause:

i always liked that saying,

"You don't stop riding cuz you are old, you get old cuz you stop riding"!!!!

Hope you heal up ok.

Nice quote..

But is it Ok if we keep riding but maybe not jump quite so far.. :applause: and not ride quite so fast.. haha

Hope everything works out for you man - I'm 23 and I love lining up with the +30 and +40 guys on the line b/c they will actually talk to you on the line - a lot of the younger guys are too focused on ' I gotta win' - hope you're healing up and getting your bike back into riding condition!

- Face your fears and Live your Dreams

- Face your fears and Live your Dreams

Another nice quote..

Pain, that is the problem... Once you had it, it is there in the back of the mind but it is great to overcome that fear and .....

Another nice quote..

Pain, that is the problem... Once you had it, it is there in the back of the mind but it is great to overcome that fear and .....

Fear and pain are great teachers and the older we get the more we realize it....or should. That does not equate to being a slow or unskilled rider either:thumbsup:

Only you can ever make the decision to finally call it quits, except when the wife puts her foot down, of course.

Made me laugh. I'm 45, still work very well, but I'm thinking this might be last year as it takes me longer to recover from a hard ride and I'm thinking I might quit while I DON'T have knee/back/elbow/foot pain. My wife, however, is the supportive one and says that riding is what keeps me exercising which is what keeps me young (ahem...:applause: ). I gotta do something to stay in shape and mountain biking isn't a whole lot safer, really. One little over-the-bar incident there and you're busted up just the same. In fact, I think I've been hurt worse on a MTB than dirt bike... I think she's right, so I'll just see how this year goes and take it year by year. Like everyone else, I watch my jumps, watch my speeds, and just do it on my terms with plenty of protective gear.

Heal up!

Good post.

There is something about this sport that draws us to it. For me it is the intensity that forces all of lifes problems out of my head for a while. I use to climb and got hooked on it for the same reason. I climbed strong, had a few close calls and saw some of the most beautiful views one could imagine. I pushed so haed that I eventually pulled my wrist apart, and ruptured my side (from cranking not falling). I took a year off to heal up and that is when I started riding again. It took off from there. Now, I miss climbing, but I know that at 41 I can't push myself that hard now and have any quality of life when I get old(er). It all come down to a cost bennifit analysis. I've done mine. Everyones is different and noone can critic your decision.

It's a question that we all must answer, though, and I've been through it in both climbing and riding.

All I know is; that no matter how fun it is now, a major, life changing, injury will make you hate the fact you ever heard of the activity that ruined our life.

But I'm still riding and racing. It worries my wife but I'm still riding,,,selfishly. Looking for that balance, though.

Hope you heal up fast and figure it all out.

yea man same type of thing happened to me last May 7th....i went to double down a blindsided hill (going the correct way mind you) and a guy who had never ridden at the track i was at decided to charge up the hill full bore and we met tire to tire on quads (my predator is TOAST) we both ended up with bleeding on our brains, and the other guy's jaw broke like like 2 places.... my main injury was the bleeding on my brain. but i set in the hospital for like 9 day 8 nights, and dont really remeber a thing about it, but i knew i had a race like 20 days from then.(i race hare scrambles) but i bought a 440ex from a family friend and rode a few times before my race. and like a week before i had a meeting with my Doctor about another cat scan. and since i was only 17 my mom was there, and when she heard that my brain was healing alright she was pleased, until her and the doctor heard what i asked.. lol i asked him if i could race the next week.. his answer went something like this "i cant stop you, but i STRONGLY advise you that u do not ride for about 2-3 months cause if u were to crash again right now you would probably be mentally retarded:bonk: from brain damage, or dead....." i told him and my mom i like my chances:thumbsup: and i raced.. but the moral to all of this, is that i have grown up riding/racing since i was 4 (i got my first 50 on my 4th b-day).. and i couldnt think of anything better than riding. thats just my opinion on this, but i wouldnt give up riding until i cant hold the bike up anymore.. (i got a new yz450F bike now)



All the injuries hurt and stay with us for longer than we want. I'm 52 and still racing, only race in my age class, avoid competitive series, there are still alot of very competitive guys at our age. Extreme tracks, I pack up and go home, old school gp style courses are the best. I broke my arm last fall on a dumb move on my part, I missed my practice, so I went out the the younger experts. I thought they were quite a bit faster than me, I was keeping there pace and next thing I know I clipped a back tire, there goes the arm. Worst injury I've had. 8 months later the arm still bothers me. Did I think about quitting, sure, but not for long, When i was in a cast I went and bought a new bike. It's my hobby, it keeps me young, my wife supports it and we truly enjoy the events. I see too many guys at our age go down hill so fast because they have or won't get off there butts and do something. I ride with Zoli Berenyi Sr all the time, he's 74yrs. It keeps me going.

Heal up as fast as you can and get back on the bike as fast as you can. Just ride a bit smarter.

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