Lets go Riding at Jawbone Feb 16/17 Ya Wanna Go?

Hi All,

I'm trying to get a herd together for a ride at Jawbone Feb 16/17 Everybody Welcome, We also really need those that know the area. As it turns out none of us have been there. Since I don't get off work untill sat morning, I won't be getting there untill sat afternoon. Hope to see you there.


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Yes you can bring your 5th wheel!!


Count me in. Socal really is alot of fun to ride with. We just need a trail boss. Someone who knows where the secret cool stuff is.


You guy's better find someone that know's jawbone area or you might not like it. There are millions of deep whoops there and about 2 million red closed signs. Unless you're real familiar with it and know the semi secret, maybe not so legal good stuff, you may get a little frustated. This is MY honest opinion, others may say i'm full of it.

Now if you want to come to my neck of the desert i can show you around. But you'd have to drive 1.5 hours further.


Well Glenn,

Wadaya waiting for? Why don't you come along?....Don't you ride Arrowhead alot? Damn cold at that elev I bet..


If the ride is still on count me in. I plan on going to Ballinger this Sunday. Never been there either. Still fiddling with the new bike. Is there camping at Jawbone or is a hotel the way to go? Later.

Cool Tp,

Lookin forward to ya, I will be camping, but as I'm a newbie to the area perhaps someone else can answer about hotels in the area. Sorry to all that I"m so un-informed about Jawbone, but I had the misconception that one of our group already knew the area like the back of his hand.. I wont mention his name cause Bman will get mad at me! :)


I'll be going. There'll be a bunch of us coming down from NorCal. I've never been there but I'm up for a new experience. We'll be camping at a place called Blue Point. I'll be in a Flair 22ft motorhome with a trailer (class A). Look me up if

when you're down there.


I know the Dove Springs area pretty well,instead of turning left on jawbone canyon road you keep going about 5 miles until you see the dove springs turnout on left then you go threw the cattle crossings,and its all open area in there and I think the camping is better there Ive been going there for 10 years.There are lots of fun trails to ride on,also there are a few little tracks and hills to play on.Maybe I can join you guys Iwill let you know if I can make it. :)


I will be there on sunday. By then you should have all the trails down. I have yet to ride anywhere by myself. Just showing up you can always find someone who knows where to go. By the way I'll tell you where to go. If only you could have watched the secret video taken of you perfecting you jumping. If anyone would like see it I would love to share it.


The closest hotel to Jawbone is in Mojave about 30 miles south. The camping is good if you are prepared for primative conditions. There is a state off road office at the entrance of Jabone where a nice older woman works. She sells real nice maps of the area including Dove Springs and most of California City. I wish my bike was running or I'd join you! I hope this helps.


Sounds like fun. Just one word of warning: if you ride out the top of Jawbone Cyn, stay on well-worn trails on the way back in. You can get down into some dead-end feeder canyons, get stuck, with no way back up and out. I have had to lower bikes down dry waterfalls 15-20 ft high on a towrope to get back into the main canyon. Carry food and water if you can. The ride to Dove Springs is great.


I'm gonna catch you guys next time on this one - I grew up riding in Red Rock, Jawbone, and Dove Springs. Haven't been there in about 5 years though, and the last time I rode there I kept finding fences cutting off what use to be great riding :D

This time of year you should be able to find some snow patched singletrack in the higher elevations on the East side of Red Rock. Then from there drop down into Dove Springs on the berm infested crevice trail(lookout for the nudist camp in the middle of nowhere!)..And the rollercoaster trail that parallels the Aquaduct from Red Rock to Jawbone canyons is always a blast... have fun boulder hopping on the goat trail single track over the rocky hills in that area.....sooo many hills to climb everywhere you look... stop me - I'm having moto flashbacks !

I would join you all, but I've already got the following weekend away from the wife and kids so I can race the Adelanto GP :)

Anyone going to Adelanto on the 23rd-24th, or know of any good riding around Adelanto ?

Sounds like we are going to have big fun. Looking forward to meeting fellow Thumper Talkers. Where do we all meet? When are you all going to be there? Damon we can get Socal to talk to your better half. Just come out for the day. It's worth it just to ride behind socal and yell at him.




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Bman, Socal,

Looks like my request for a kitchen pass will be granted for next sunday! Yahoo! Bman, if you are going out on sunday maybe we could hook-up and follow one another to meet with Socal? Send me a PM with your contact info and we will discuss the details. I have to work on Monday so I will be coming home on Sunday night. Looks like a have a week for some needed maintenance on the blue beast! Looking forward to meeting you all. :)



With all the responses, This is getting better and better!.. Ok so

#1 Where do we meet?

#2 can someone get up there early enough to reserve an area big enough for our tribe?

#3 Once there, should we break up into 3 riding groups for different

skill levels and dust/vision control. We want this to be fun for everyone.

#4 All those going please send me a p/m confirming even if you already sent one and we will also exchange cell #s..

#5 Be sure to bring emergency contact info. (e.g) home # med info, ins info, a note from your mom. blah, blah, blah...

#6 Am I making this into somthing too complicated?


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I have never ridden Jawbone before but I plan on making the trip. I can get there Friday evening and get the group a spot if that would help. First I have to find my way there. Let me know If I can help in anyway. Later.


Cal city is better for big groups because it has street names and large flat areas plus Randsburg 10 miles away for lunch and drinks.

Just got home from Jawbone. Sorry Socal couldn't make it. Never found the guys from Norcal or those camped at Dove Springs. Road with tp on Saturday. Flame1 showed on Sunday morning. Could only go for short ride with the flamed one. We had big fun. Had to leave because of a 911 at home.

Jawbone is awesome. If you have a old 500 two stroke in the garage take to Jawbone. It has the biggest hill climbs I have ever seen.

Really fun trails everywhere. Ridge backs to sand washs. Rode to Dove springs Saturday but didn't know what or who to look for because pm's weren't read. Dove Springs has lot of play areas. But when you stay in Jawbone you get to watch these nutty guys climb monster hills all day. I wish I could have stayed longer but sh t happens.

Jawbone is a great ride place to ride. So big that it seems to go on for ever. Check it out if you get a chance.


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My wife called you a wimp for the no show. I stuck up for you and your wimpy shoulder. Get well soon.


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