I have a 01 426 and i go to the dunes and want to be able to grab 4th gear up the hill or possibly 5th. I can grab some of 4th or rev it out in 3rd. What kind of gearing should i run im runnin stock gearing 14 and 50. It only has yz pipe and free mods


i just asked the same question sort of my buddy is geared 14 51 01 426 and has plenty of pulling power all through the gears esp in 5th but loses a bit of top end compared to my stock wr 450 he is jetted and piped hoped that helped a bit

i have a stock geared 06 450 and a friend has a 03 450 with 13, 50 grears. same dunes we run power probblems. we geared him down for the woods stuff...really helped for that. would prolly get u what ur looking for.

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