Foam filter oil alternative

last fall i called my local dealer to order some foam filter oil for my bike, well it's well into spring and they still don't have any, said they need to wait to order an oil order like only 2 times a year. Anyhow I need to get my bike on the go and was going to clean my filter tomorrow and oil it up with something, what do you guys recommend untill i can find the proper stuff? I was thinking along the lines of like 0w30 synthetic motor oil, I also have some k&n filter oil kicking around, would this work?

I would never use motor oil to lude the filter:eek: , it doesn't tack up and it runs down out of the filterand plugs the air jets. The K&N oil may work but I would find a better dealer or order a few cans from Royal distributing or from here WR Dave.

you can order some online from cycle gera. And find a new dealer thats a little more accomidating.

easier said then done, there is only one near me and that's 300km away., would take weeks to get some in the mail, i use to use motor oil to oil my filter for my old DT125 I had....

any motor oil will do

Been doing it for years with no problems

Light coat is all you need

0W30 is too thin though and it will immigrate and dry up. 20W50 or the K&N filter oil would be slightly better... Summer grade chainsaw chain oil (red) is a great substitute as it's thicker and sticky. Try ordering some Maxima synthetic Fab-1 filter oil if you can;

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