Couple Questions

Well, since the XR650L I was looking at didn't pan out and I'm back to looking for a bike I'm again looking at my options. Definitely know I want an XR600/650, but I'm wondering how well an "R" model would work for me. Hence a couple questions for you guys that are lucky enough to already be enjoying them.

1. With the XR650R, how well does it work out as a dual-sport machine? Given the more race-oriented seat, I'm wondering if it would be comfortable enough for longer rides down the road or if I'd get monkey-butt.

2. Another question on the XR650R's is how well they do at prolonged highway speeds. I've seen some reports of overheating and needing to keep an eye on the coolant levels, but how big of a problem is this?

3. What are you guys averaging as far as fuel mileage goes, both with XR650L's and XR650R's? I've seen reports of 50+mpg with the L's, but is that highway only, city, or a combination of both?

4. Aside from the obvious ones (jetting, Smog removal and different bars), what would you consider as "manditory" mods or upgrades to make the bike more enjoyable?

And one last question that's a little off track...

5. Anyone know if Rekluse plans to offer their Z-start Pro clutch for these pigs? I see they offer the Z-start Standard for the newer XR650R's, but nothing for the L's. Do the R and L models use two totally different clutch setups? If so, does the L model happen to use the same clutch as one of the Honda MX's? (shot in the dark, but ya never know)

I've had an XRL & currently own a 650R. The few drawbacks to the R as a dual sport are the seat (get a GUTS soft foam replacement which works great), no magic button (R's aren't hard to kick start anyway) and the limited electrical output of the stock stator (you will want an aftermarket or rewound stator for regular street use and an adequate headlight). Overheating is not an issue. I've done no mods to my cooling system and have had zero problems even on 100 degree days in downtown traffic. Most overheating problems are during off-road use at very low speeds inhibiting airflow through the radiators while the engine is revving. Other than that the R is superior. The horsepower is night and day better than the L. You can expect around 45MPG with an uncorked R. If you've ridden much off-road the R is the choice. Better suspension (it can actually be jumped without cringing) and it can be geared 15/45 & run on the freeway all day long without breathing hard and still ride moderately tight trails. Don't get me wrong the L is a great bike & I may add one to the stable for a spare. It is more comfortable on long rides with its softer suspenstion and wider seat and there's no denying the convenience of the magic button and the possibility of a passenger (not a realistic option on the R). Just my 2 cents worth.

If you are mostly road riding and some trails, I'd say get the L. If more offroad than on and not long commutes I say get the R. The R is just as capable for commutes and long distances if set up right, but if I had to pick one, I'd take the L, but that's just me. At least in Ohio, getting a plate for an R will be cake. The L in most cases will do better with mpg, but if the R's gearing is changed, it compare somewhat to L depending on how you handle the throttle, with the R it's almost impossible not to let her rip, gotta love that power:worthy:

Well, the riding will mostly be street, but when I play in the dirt I do like to play hard. (Hard to give up those MX and HS habits)

The Magic button is a big plus, especially when just tooling around town running errands and such, but I'm sure I could live without it (question is, for how long?) lol

Considering how everyone is not putting the button on their off-road 4-strokes (CRFX's, WR's, etc), kind of makes you wonder if Honda might decide to add it to the XRR in the next year or two.

As for the seat on the XRR, I'd probably opt for a Corbin over replacement foam for the simple fact that I could change the seat out quickly and easily depending on what kind of ride I was going on.

As for the XRL suspension, that's easily fixed with a revalve and/or springs. Might affect on-road handling a little, but it's not like we're talking about a GoldWing here...a XRL or XRR isn't going to be a Lazy-boy on wheels no matter what you do.

BTW, the main reason for the questions was due to the fact that I'm having little luck finding a good used XRL around here for under $2,000. Spotted a few older XR600's that are in that range, and for just a little more I could get into a used XR650R. Just wanted to get the scoop on them as DS bikes so I can better decide it one of the non-L's would be suitable.

As it sits, the magic button's the big hang-up. I know the R's kick-start pretty easily, but still... Life would be so much easier if I could just afford one of each. lol

decisions decisions :applause:

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