Led Light kits???//

I was browsing royal distributing for some filter oil and I found some LED lighting kits for bikes, anyone ever put any on thier dirt/dual purpost bike? or does it sound gay? lol, Just wondering.......

I dunno how they would be on a bike but I bought some recently for my rear bumper as reverse lights and I cant see crap up close the have no shine around the truck but they do light up my neighbors livingroom across the street when I back out my drive

Adding some custom LED's could look cool at night I guess, and add visibility... If you have Baja-Designs UFO rear fender, you can replace the heavy tail light/plate holder with UFO's compact and highly visible LED tail light/plate holder. It's low current draw drastically improved my lighting and flasher output when braking and/or at low rpm's. $36 Cdn from Motovan

LED bulbs don't work in turn signals though as their current draw is too low for the flasher relay.

I have a baja designs rear yz fender/plastic and their led tailight and signal lights now, just wondered if those blue accent lighting would look ok on a dirt bike, i like the look on a street bike but not sure on the dirt.......

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