Rare but crazy starting problem

I had trouble starting my '06 WR450 (w/ all free mods) twice on a ride yesterday. The bike fired right up (with the starter) in the brisk morning air. I let it idle for a few minutes, then shut it off because we weren't ready to go. Upon attempting to restart a few minutes later, it didn't want to go at all--not even a sputter. I did not use the choke nor the hot start at first--it seemed warmed up, but only barely. I finally got the engine going after nearly draining the battery and resorting to lots of kicking. Using the choke and/or hot start didn't seem to help. What finally did it was me holding the throttle wide open. (I realize this is a no-no on a thumper, but I was desperate--and it worked.) I was able to start the bike immediately the rest of the day (using the hot start) with one exception when I stalled on a muddy up hill and ended up having to do the kick/full throttle thing to get it going.

For what it's worth, when cranking it with the starter both times I had the trouble, it acted like the battery was dead for a moment--by reseting the computer--but then engaged and kept cranking fine for quite some time.

:applause: What could be going on?

In case it's relevant, I posted information about recent maintenance I had done, but thought the problem had gone away.

man i got a 03 wr and i havs had nothing but starter and starting problems out of it since i bought it in august of 06 sent the starter the other day to get it rebuilt but they are very picky bikes to start is what alot of people have told me. u may also wanna try checking your valves

I am certainly no expert, but by what you describe I would suspect that you are lean on your pilot circuit and/or fuel screw. If it was brisk in the AM with no choke, and then you had to use the hotstart all day you may be able to go up a size on your pilot jet or at least turn out your fuel screw a turn to a turn and a half. I ride an '01WR426 and it will almost always start within 3 kicks, regardless of weather. I do need the choke in the mornings, or for the first start of the day, and rarely use the hotstart even in the dead of summer.

For the throttle wide open while kicking it, that I'm not so sure about, but it may be that your carb was flooded and just needed to be cleared out. It is easy On my wifes TTR-125L, after she dumps it and the carb floods, you must hold open the throttle, or you will be kicking a long time to get it restarted. Old cars are the same way, flooded engine means stomp on the pedal while starting.

If I were having the problems starting you were, I would pull in the decomp lever and kick the bike about 20 times to clear out the carb. Unfortunately I am not sure how you would do this with an auto-decomp cam. And as far as starting it with the battery I wouldn't have the foggiest.

My 06' needs to be choked everytime when cold or most of the time when luke warm. If it does not start after pushing the button 2X, I pull the choke and it fires right up. It is not like a 2 stroke that only needs to be ckoke when cold.

do the jd jet kit and somthing with the muffler and you will love it

starts 10fold bettar i havent reset my clock since

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