Rear wheel hopping

I have a 00 CR 250 and when it is really dry and hard packed the rear will start hopping violently when I'm on the binders quite hard. I have gone in with the rebound clicker about ten clicks (on the rear) and it seems to be 90% better. I just want to know if I made the right correction to the problem or if I am just covering up a problem in a different area.

When was the last time you serviced your suspension?

how fast are you going when this happens?

The rear shock was rebuilt by the Honda dealer last summer. As far as I can tell it works good. I don't have access to a shock dyno so I can't be for shure it was done correctly. I do know that it has a full charge of nitrogen and the clickers do make a difference when adjusted. It is sprung properly for my weight and I have the sag set at approx 100 - 105mm. This hopping crap only happens when I'm entering a very rough and fast entrance to a tight corner. On smooth or even fairly rough conditions it is great. The current clicker settings are four in on the comp. and ten in on the rebound. Could it possibly be the rear rubber? It is getting pretty sad. About 1/2 left.

Sounds like it may be loading up- compressing progressively more and more w/out rebounding fast enough (while getting progressively stiffer). I'm not sure what the adjustable clicker range on your shock is, but try ~2/3 max out on the rebound(faster) and half out on compression. Also, soften up the HS compression 1'2 turn or so. I assume your spring rate is pretty close and your sag is set correctly. Unless your tire is flat or inflated at 35 PSI, it shouldn't make much difference.

I think I will try to stiffen up the compression a few more clicks to even out the settings between the two. I guess I never thought of it hopping into the compression stroke. Now that you said that it does make sense. Thanks for the info!

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