XR600R - Rear Disk Brake, a little help needed

Hey guys, I need a little help. My rear disk is slightly bent/worn and I have been searching e-bay for the past 6 months for an inexpensive used one without any luck. I see the new ones for sale on e-bay, but they are a bit steep for me. Anyone have a disk they could part with?

I kinda been keepin my eye out too. I thought I saw some new aftermarket somewhere. Maybe wave rotors for $70.00ish? Maybe a search will show up an answer.

The best deal that I know of is the Rocky Mountain Tusk brand. The rotors are $60 each. I have a rear one and I'm happy with it. The Tusk pads are inexpensive as well. It took them a little while to break in. At first the baking action was not the best. After a few rides the braking action got back to normal.

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