Should I try an E needle with WR timing ???

I have a 99 with WR timing DTM clip 3 48PJ 100PAJ 170MJ fuel screw 11/4-11/2 deoctopused air box lid removed Baja Designs exhaust baffle.

Will be trying the Taffy APJ mod.

I ride between 1000-6000'. I'm still running rich at closed to about 1/2 throttle. Any suggestions on changing my jetting. I still have that bog when you snap the trottle. Really want to eliminate as much of this as possible. Don't want to change to YZ timing. Would an E needle help. I think I will have to go back to a 45 or 42 PJ.

[ February 04, 2002: Message edited by: Mike from WA ]

I need some suggestions please!!!

See my settings below...I operate from 500-3800ft. Taffy and JD settings.....The EKN needle is very aggressive, I love it. Snap wheelies from idle with no problem. Power all the way through the entire range. I have to be careful sometimes...I've wound up launching the front wheel skyward out of the gate on many occaisions when I wasn't all the way up on the tank.....

Good Luck

Bonzai :)

Mike, EKN works great for me. Read my signature.

Mr T

EKP-3. Try 4 if its too lean. Worked great on my 01 WR WR-timed with 48pj, 100paj. Like a tank on low end and ripped pretty good through the middle and top. Much better than stock. I have YZ exhaust, no airbox lid, cut grey wire. Did the BK after this jetting and that worked good too. More improvement in fuel economy than anything else for me as my bike ran great prior. Gonna try YZ timing this spring.


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