Running hot!

Has anyone had any problems with overheating on slow tight trails? I have done all the free mods except for the airbox and I have not rejetted. I have a 06' WR450F.

Have you read the FAQ?...SC

Yeah, I read about the bike running lean. I just didn't think it would boil my antifreeze out. When I returned from my ride, the reservior was empty and I had lost 1/3 of the antifreeze in my radiators. Not having opened up the airbox, I didn't think it would run much leaner than stock.

turn you air/fuel screw out 2 to 2 1/2 turns

This should help your lean condition

worked for me

...I have not rejetted.

There's the problem...SC

Thanks for the help!

Install the GYTR AIS removal kit per the instruction.

This should solve your problems

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