Anybody street legalize a 07 WR450

I was planning on buying a WR450 a couple months ago, but we had a baby so I put it off until I could focus on riding again. Now its time to ride again.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has legalized thiers. I want the WR but the KTMs are street legal already, and I want a jack of all trades bike (super moto/trail/street bike ) since I already have a 250f for pure moto and a Ducati for the steet. Just want to know if anyone has done it, I don't care about the extra labor of conversion. I could get supermoto wheels and extras for the price of just the stock KTM, plus the WR is supposed to kick butt, so bang for the buck is with the WR.

I am currently in the process of street legaling a 06 WR450F. From what it looks like it is not to hard of a job. I should be done with mine in about a week or so.

I've done mine. Lots of options out there. Was leaning towards a Trick DS kit but was having a hard time swallowing the price. Decided to go with a California DS "minimalistic kit" with blinkers. It has a master on/off switch that stays off all the time except when I'm on the street, which is rarely. It is nothing fancy (and therefore hopefully less subject to failure like some of the others) and around $275. I'm using my stock headlight and taillight. The kit is installed and I have use of my blinkers (nice bright LEDs) and horn. Still have to hook up high beam and brake lights. So far I'm really happy with it.


Thanks for the input, I'm in so calif so I might be in for a hassle, but I might be willing to deal with it for a nice bike and saving a ton on cash.

My 07 has a Baja Designs Kit, LED all around, very clean. I was able to get my California plate. It was a hassle, the sticky point is the smog sticker. The 07 has one on the frame behind the front finder, they asked me to read it to them (they were a little large to bend over that far :excuseme: ) and i left out the part that said it was legal for OFF road :applause: So far so good. I have a friend in the DMV and she said they catch the bikes on the smog issue, so hopefully I am in the clear.

I am in CA and went to the DMV here and they said as long as the 8th digit is not a 8 or a C then you can do the conversion. Go to the DMV and they will tell you where to take the bike to get a inspection for the brake light and the headlight for HI/low and blinker working. Spend 470 bucks for the Baja Design dual sport kit fill out the form and wait for a plate in the mail. I am working on mine now. I am going to reinstall the smog crap and OEM pipe for my inspection. they lady here made it sound simple. The hardest part that I see is getting the money from the wife to do it.

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